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Insight Case Studies

These case studies are drawn from our 10+ years in business. We have organized these in chronological order with most recent example first and tags identifying major functions.

Please contact us if you require further examples or more details.



A large international reinsurer has adopted Insight Enterprise as it world-wide solution for experience study reporting. This reinsurer demanded the highest standards in studies including supporting statistical analysis, while at the same time achieving rapid response from an enormous amount of data.

The system is being adopted and managed independently by divisions all around the world. 


Long Term Care

Insight was selected by a large international insurance company as a upgrade to it's experience study systems. In addition to providing experience studies (incidence, transition, termination and utliization), Insight Enterprise is used for other reporting and analytics for Long Term Care, including management reporting, fraud detection and ad hoc data analysis.

Insight Enterprise was deployed worldwide, providing consistency of analytics despite differences in product designs in different countries.


Transforming Life and Annuity Business

Insight Enterprise was selected to be a core component for a medium sized insurer looking to transform its business. This transformation including consolidating the operations from another insurer it had acquired, but to date operated independently, and improving data governance and operational aspects of the business.

Insight Enterprise was originally used as a source of data for the Business Objects Reporting tool that had been selected, although the SharePoint Interface was also widely adopted.

The system was implemented covering all disciplines within the organization and all their data and utilizing the Insight Enterprise daily delta load functionality.