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Insight Case Studies

These case studies are drawn from our 10+ years in business. We have organized these in chronological order with most recent example first and tags identifying major functions.

Please contact us if you require further examples or more details.


Credit Union

Insight Enterprise is being used by an insurer of credit unions for a complete range of analytics and reporting. The unique marketing features of this bancassurance business were incorporated in the Insight Enterprise system.

As part of the implementation of Insight Enterprise, the legacy reporting systems had to transition seamlessly to the new environment, enabling continous sales and credit union reporting.


Insight Experience for Reinsurance

A US reinsurer wasn't sure if Insight Enterprise was right for them. As an initial proof of concept they licensed Insight Experience to test experience studies which would be critical to their business. This proof of concept used back cast data provided by the reinsurer, effectively the same process that is used to load the hosted Insight Enterprise.

This proof of concept was an outstanding success and resulted in wider adoption of Insight Enterprise.


Worksite Marketing

Originally selected as a solution for mortality studies, Insight Enterprise was adopted to manage the distribution function. As a decision management tool Insight Enterprise is recognized to enable distribution decisions that make the company millions of dollars each year.

At the same time as implementing Insight Enterprise the sucess of this organization meant that the original data volume more than doubled in the first year. One of the benefits of the Insight Enterprise is our ability to model performance and to meet the needs of each organization within its changing environment.