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Insurance Data Warehouse Architecture

Insight Enterprise provides a full data warehouse architecture; incorporating all the tools necessary, to ensure enterprise-class reliability, security and performance. On-demand reporting and analysis, flexible delivery options and integrated report management ensure that users have easy access to valuable up-to-date business information.

Optimized for Productivity

Business Intelligence is all about helping businesses make better, faster and more relevant business decisions. Insight Enterprise includes the following features to improve business productivity:

  • Web-based analysis and reporting interface provide users with interactive information to support operations and decisions.
  • Tight integration with software typically used in most insurance companies, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office, takes advantage of existing expertise, and reduces the time needed to deliver valuable business functionality.
  • Wide-ranging reporting options include traditional (paper-oriented) and interactive (pivot) reports to meet the needs of varied users. 

Enterprise-Class Reliability and Security

As a server-based solution, Insight Enterprise easily handles high-volume information needs. The system includes all the tools and processes necessary to manage the entire BI life cycle. From data extract to report delivery, the system supports the most complex and demanding reporting and analysis environments.

  • Each business area has control over their analytics and reporting; effectively balanced with unified business rules and definitions, and centralized security and management.
  • Readily accessible Metadata.
  • Flexible, role-based security helps ensure that reports comply with corporate security requirements.
  • Repository with report management and usage tracking tools enable effective management and control of reports.

Advanced Connectivity and Integration

Decisions require information to be brought together from multiple distinct sources and distributed using a variety of methods. Insight Enterprise provides:

  • Support for numerous data sources, which enables the system to integrate business information from multiple systems and database types.
  • Data extracts to and from valuation systems, to enable the management and validation of data exchanged between systems, giving users the ultimate confidence in the results presented.
  • SharePoint portal lets users access the information they need easily, from any location. 

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Insight Enterprise allows organizations to deploy a business intelligence solution quickly, at low cost and with no risk.

  • Optimized performance, web-based delivery and use of mainstream technology keep hardware and support costs to a minimum.
  • Scalable architecture designed to handle high-volume complex information needs and allow hardware to be configured to meet demand.
  • Modular design supports phased deployment and changing business needs.
  • Significantly lower costs than in-house development as the system is prebuilt and tested for insurance applications.
  • Ongoing development and support.
  • Rapid deployment to the end user realizes the benefits of the system sooner.