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Insight’s implementation services focus is on ensuring that our software meets your business requirements, and that the project is implemented on time and on budget. Our team of professionals come prepared, not only with a deep understanding of our software, but also with years of experience in the insurance industry,  bringing knowledge and best practices from top companies like yours.

Being 100% focused on the needs of the insurance industry means we speak your language and we won't be learning about insurance industry practices and processes on your time.

The implementation process involves the following stages:

  1. Initial data mapping and review of source data structures.
  2. Deployment of the Insight Enterprise data store, audits.
  3. Extract and load of data to the data store, audits are automatically applied so data can be cleansed at an early stage.
  4. Implement data warehouse and initialize data - this provides a backcast to generate history, the system is now ready for incremental loads.
  5. Deployment to production, including testing and training.

In the event that modifications are required to Insight Enterprise, these would be made and tested in a lab environment before the ETL is coded.

Implementation duration depends on:

  • The number and range of source systems
  • Availability of source data
  • Scope of implementation (you don’t have to deploy all the functionality at once)

In an environment where there is one primary administration system the system can be fully implemented to meet your unique needs in six to nine months.