Insight Enterprise v9.1 Release

This release introduces the “Split load” functionality to allow individual Policy Admin Systems and its associated data to be loaded independently for different load periods (backcast and incremental).

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Insight Enterprise v9.0 Release

This release migrates the system to SQL Server 2012. New functionality has been incorporated to add new policies to studies where the data is captured a considerable time after the actual policy issue date; this is intended primarily for reinsurers. Earnings-by-source has also been redesigned and extended to simplify analysis.

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Insight Enterprise v8.9 Release

This release introduces multiple earnings types and two new reserve and fund projection applications.

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Insight Enterprise v8.8 Release

This release introduces the claim utilization study. This allows analysis of claims paid as a proportion of the guaranteed benefit amount. In addition analysis by claim payment has been added to the claim termination study and there are some miscellaneous to the claim analysis application. The system also contain internal documentation covering the physical description of the system and reporting for OLAP objects and properties.

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SharePoint CU adds page close to Excel

A recent cumulative update SharePoint from Microsoft has added a page close button to the Microsoft Excel Services report window, however we don't recommend upgrading for this as we do not see a benefit in this.

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