SOA Annual Meeting Kindle Winner

The winner of the Kindle we were giving away at the SOA Annual Meeting was Timothy Martin, Health Actuary at Golden Rule.

Congratulations Timothy, we hope you enjoy it.


Insight DBA recognized as top in field

We are please to announce that Vidas Matelis, our Senior DBA, is included in this first wave of SSAS Maestros. This is the highest level of technical expertise recognized by Microsoft for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) the technology that underpins Insight Enterprise and Insight Experience.

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Insight Enterprise v8.5 Release

This release extends statistical movements and measures and allows the study data to be filtered for defined periods, for example if multiple inconsistent data sets are provided. It also introduces adjusted amount studies.

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Insight Enterprise v8.4 Release

This is a large release covering Policy Termination, Study Method, Policy Amounts Change, Fund Movements, Unitization Process, Deferred Ceded Admin Data, Deferred Policy Data and Configuration Parameters.

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Insight Enterprise v7.2c/8.3 Release

This is a minor release to improve performance of data flow in the ETL.

This release was to improve load performance for large clients. Our stress testing has produced a 59% reduction in the processing time for PolTerm for or large DB test.

There are no changes to the OLAP or Data Store structures.

Version 8.3 runs on SQL Server 2008 R2 and is being released to two clients. Version 7.2c runs on SQL Server 2008 and is being released as part of the release cycle, but will not be implemented at any clients.