Situation Assessment

Are you ready for a Business Intelligence system? Do you have an existing data warehouse that is failing to live up to expectations?

With our combination of insurance and business intelligence expertise, we can quickly and efficiently help you assess your environment and recommend a solution.

Our situation assessment process covers:

  • Your existing environment - source systems, processes, required data, existing tool skills.
  • People skills - training needs, development skills etc.
  • Project plan and resource requirements.
  • Application needs and integration.

Other companies focus on platform selection and the technology, with our insurance experience we focus on the business needs. Our pre-built solution is extremely configurable and can be adapted to meet any insurance need. We know exactly the data needed and can accurately size the final system.

If data is available we can load it into the Insight Enterprise Data Store and carry out a wide range of audits to validate completeness and suitability of source data.