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Maintenance and Support includes access to system updates, technical support, training and documentation, escrow and preferential consulting rates.

System Updates

  • Upgrades to new releases (From time to time upgrades require additional source data extract and transformations, support for these transformations can be provided at additional cost.)
  • Product updates and revisions, including interface updates.

Technical Support

  • Phone, e-mail, online.
  • Assistance with the installation and re-installation of the software.
  • Assistance with data manipulation, duplication or restoration where data has been affected by software errors.
  • Periodic review of the installation to identify and correct defects on a preventive basis, including building of partitions if required.
  • Diagnose the cause of any software failures and correction of defects.

Training and Documentation

  • Documentation updates.

Three-party Escrow

  • While the software license agreement gives licensees rights to the software, including the right to use the source code in the event of Insight becoming insolvent, the escrow arrangement ensures that the licensee has access to the source code.

Preferential consulting rates

  • Any consulting work, beyond that covered by the support contract is at preferential rates for clients covered by a support agreement.