Insight Decision Solutions Inc. was founded in 2000 to develop an enterprise analytical system for insurance.


Having worked on a data warehouse project at an insurance company, co-founder John McGarry realized that data warehouse practices were  largely driven by transactional, operational reporting, and are not easily transferable to more complex analytics for insurance.  Many similar projects fail to deliver the business promise as they are not designed specifically for insurance. Insight was founded with the goal of providing integrated analytical solutions for insurance companies that could be tested and demonstrated in advance.

The current system offered is the Insight Enterprise. This is the only analytical system of its kind. Built on a data warehouse framework designed specifically to meet the special needs of insurance business, it features a number of innovations, such as analytic dimensions and a temporal data model. The system includes pre-built insurance applications. Insight offers more than a system; we offer complete business solutions designed for business people who are concerned with seeing results.

Our staff consists of qualified professionals, with extensive experience in insurance and systems. Research and development is carried out in our offices in Toronto, Canada, although we are prepared to support projects worldwide, either directly or through a network of partners.