Business Analysis
Business Analysis applications allow integrated or separate analysis and reporting of policy events and transactions providing analysis of enforcing business from issue to termination. There are four applications in this group.
Experience Analysis
The Insight Experience Analysis applications provide the continuous monitoring of policyholder and claimant behavior against a variety of assumptions allowing for more accurate and flexible pricing, negotiation of reinsurance and information for management and regulators. The data demands of experience studies mean that the data warehouse infrastructure is the natural environment for such an application. But that isn’t the whole story; Insight Enterprise is designed to support temporal queries so events and exposures are calculated easily from the same data. Studies use a monthly seriatim methodology; this gives the ability to study over any time period with detailed accuracy.

Insight Enterprise includes a wide range of measures including actual events, expected events, A/E, Exposure, Standard Deviation or rates and A/E; by benefit and count. These measures can be based on any standard, modified or custom table, or even composite basis constructed by applying specific tables to products depending on the product.