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The following enhancements are included in this release

Introduce and extend Statistical Moments and measures

Introduce Variance, SD, SD/E for Expected Events in Claim Incidence, Claim Termination

Introduce Third Central Moment, Skewness and (A-E)/SD for Expected Events in Policy Termination, Claim Incidence, Claim Termination

Due to the increase of measures across the studies, and particular in Policy Termination against 4 volume measure, the measure naming convention has been changed and all existing study measures have been renamed.

Adjust expected amounts for reported amounts (i.e. accounting for IBNR)

For Policy Termination and Claim Incidence, Introduce Reported Percent Table, adjusting Expected Events, A/E, Variance and Third Central Movement.

The adjusted expected amounts are calculated at IBNRGrouping and Date Quarter level, dynamically applied in the SSAS cubes, and a separate Expcted Adj Measure Group.

These Adjusted  studies should be viewed as additional studies separate from the base studies, and should have been presented as separate applications for clarity, particular given they are unlikely to be utilized elsewhere.

Allows study data to be filtered for defined periods

Where study data is for different periods, allow studies to be filtered for defined study period.

A Study start and end date is defined by current coverage and applied in the cube processing.

Claim Incidence: partial exposures on policy termination

Described in v8.4

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