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New Functionality

Multiple Earnings Type

The Earnings related and Sources of Earnings functionality has been re-designed to allow analysis to be performed on more than one regulatory earnings bases, such as Canadian IFRS and European Solvency II. An Earnings type dimension has been added to all earnings related applications including Policy and GL income, Reserves and Projections, and Earnings by Sources.

Reserve and Fund Projection applications

Two new applications have been added to allow direct analysis of reserve and fund projections used for earnings by source analysis:

Performance and Design

Date Period

A new source input table srcDatePeriod is introduced with records for DatePeriod1,2,3 to allow user defined date ranges and lags in defining Study Periods. It identifies the date level (Y,Q,M), the lag from current load date, the date period, and member name. Customized dimension names will need to be added in the SSAS translations.

Duration Band

The existing single duration band is expanded to include two additional bands across the system to allow additional duration grouping. A source input table srcDurationBand is added to identify duration bands 1,2,3 for each policy year.

Data Flow Audits

Version counts have been added to the Data Flow audit reports to keep track of new versions created each load over time.  Any significant fluctuations would identify potential issues in the client staging/load process.  For example, if a defined attribute become NULL in one month, there will be a spike in new versions for each coverage record.

Direct/Ceded Input Tables

Integration of the direct/ceded input tables to simplify the load process.  All Ceded data tables have been embedded within the Direct input tables with the addition of the srcTreadyID key.

Policy Transaction Input Table

All policy transaction tables will be merged into a single input table srcPolicyTransactions from the existing separate Premium, Commission and Claims transaction tables.

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