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Earnings by Source

The Earnings by Source functionality has been re-designed to allow more flexible and transparent analysis of the sources and projections across the main policy data of contracts, reserves, funds, and earnings.

With the change 6 new applications have been added and 4 applications removed.  The new applications are:

  • Policy Gains
  • Policy Movement projection
  • Fund Movement projection
  • Reserve Movement projection
  • Policy Income projection
  • Policy Gains projection

The application hierarchy was adjusted to introduce “Planning” as a top-level enterprise application to include the applications above.  The enterprise applications are now Operations, Financial, Planning, and Studies.

Late Arriving Policies on Studies

To accommodate situations where new policies are received and captured at some considerable time after actual issue date, a process to “backfill” the study exposure has been introduced for both Policy Termination and Claim Incidence studies.

This added feature will “Backfill” the study exposure from the original issue date to the inforce date in the month of entry.  There is a “BackfillExposureflag” field in the iwConfig table and a backfill exposure attribute on the coverage table to enable and limit the scope of this functionality.

Performance and Design

SQL Server 2012 Platform

This release is one Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 platform.

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