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Split Load

“Split load” functionality has been introduced to allow individual Policy Admin Systems and its associated data to be loaded independently for different load periods (backcast and incremental). PolAdmSystems can also be deleted independently (allowing for reloads if required).

This required a fundamental redesign of the core dimensional model and processes, introducing the new load control dimension PolAdmSystem and PolAdmSystemID onto all related fact tables.

The load processes have been fundamentally split into the unit dimension and fact loads. However, current loads will continue to be bundled in the standard processes: Admin, Reserve&Alloc, GL, Projection, ExpectedRates.

Note the “forward” incremental load can now be handled seamlessly by the new processes.

To ensure the robustness of the load processes, PolAdmSystemID was introduced into the processes and structures where previously it was not required:

  • The data store audits now use PolAdmSystemID, and the SourceID has been removed.
  • PolAdmSystemID has been introduced into the Agent table. Cross system agent reporting can only be done using AgentPerson. In order to perform Cross system Manager reporting, the ManagerIDs hierarchy logic would need to move from Agent to AgentPerson (to change in future release).
  • PolAdmSystemID has been introduced for all unitization/allocation processes. This includes Expenses, NII, DAC, and ClaimPymtIBNR. The aggregate amounts will now need to be specified for each policy admin system.

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