Since 2009, rather than give corporate gifts or a vague promise to make a donation on behalf of clients, Insight Decision Solutions has sponsored children in developing countries on behalf of some of our clients. This sponsorship, through World Vision is an important and continuing part of the assistance given to help these children and many others attain self-reliance and a much brighter future.


Carlos Augusto born February 3, 2003 is from Brazil.  He attends junior high school and his favorite thing to do is play soccer and other activites with friends. He participates in community celebrations and sends updates on his progress and healthy growth every year!


Haseena Jagan Khan born in 2007 is from Alwar, India.  She is in good health and attending primary school, walking there every day.  Hassena likes to study language and likes to participate in cultural celebrations with her family and friends.  She is happy to have access to clean water for drinking and hygene.


Ian Glenn born August 1, 1999 is from the Philippines.  He attends grade 10 and his favorite subject is History.  He aspires to be a policeman in his future.  Ian continues to learn about himself and caring for others, and works hard while having fun with friends through recreational activities.


Rolta Joseph born May 23, 2000 is from Haiti.  She attends primary school, loves to read and is in good health.  She has partipated in and benefited from Clean Water Safety Workshops where she has learned how to protect herself and other children from infection and disease.  Her favorite subject is French  lanuage and she is looking at accounting for her future career.