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Insight Enterprise v7.2a/8.1

Major enhancement covering functionality, Data Store and Source DB and Performance and Design enhancements.


Policy Termination (Mortality and Withdrawal) Study

  • The Mortality and Withdrawal Rate tables were merged into Policy Termination Rates (based on the Mortality Structure with the addition of PolicyTermReasonGroup attribute).  The existing mortality rates migrated into the ClntFactors,ClntMap and StdRate table with PolTermRsnGrp = Mortality, while Withdrawal rates migrated into ClntRates with PolTermRsnGrp = Withdrawal.
  • Policy Mortality and Policy Withdrawal applications have been discontinued.  This functionality is now accessible in PolicyTermination application with PoliTermRsnGrp = Mortality or Withdrawal.
  • Drill-through is now available naturally on all real measures.  The separate, hidden Withdrawal ExpdRates dimension has been eliminated.
  • Rate Tables can be set up separately for Mortality and Withdrawal, or for both.
  • Other custom termination reasons can be introduced, although unless the”Other” reason is used, conflicts will arise with EBS.

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