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Ultimate only expected rate tables have been added for the core Studies allowing for a more natural rate input format consistent with industry tables.  Users now can load fully select rates, select & ultimate rates or ultimate only rates.  The ultimate tables allow loading and storing of less records leading to improved performance during expected rates cube processing.


The new “Claim Survival” application allows cohorts of claims and its survival rate over time to be studied from claim opened to closed date.  Survival curves are calculated for a defined range of opened dates and study dates and any defined claim closed reason at the month, quarter, and year levels.  Confidence intervals are calculated using Greenwood’s formula.


The interface has been enhanced with the addition of an “Expected Rates” tab to show all tables available for Policy Termination, Claim Incidence, and Claim Termination studies.  An editable grid allows UsedFlag/ReloadFlag to be reset through the dialogue box.  A process button allows processing of Expected rates measure groups based on changes in the Rate table parameters.  A new File load package “iwImportExpectedRates” will load expected rate tables into the Source from flat files.

Dynamic Views

The expected rates cube processing was enhanced to dynamically create views during process time to only include the rate components required.  A number of optimizations were added to exclude the data not required during the calculation process.  A query hint table was added to allow specification of join types.


The exposure calculation have been updated such that exposures are now defined exactly to the end of the policy year for the study termination reason and to the date of exit for all other termination.  This change removes the approximation used previously and will provide more robust handling of expected results when there are non-uniform distribution of events.  This exact exposure approach has been made for all of the core Insight Studies.


Nineteen additional user defined Group attributes were added to the Group Policy dimension.  These attributes provides the latest values with every load.

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